General Rule & Regulations

1. The behavior of the student inside and outside the school is our out – look area and we feel concerned.
2. A major factor towards success in life is regularity and punctuality. Any work assigned to students should, therefore, be done in time.
3. Children coming late to school without any note from parents are penalized.
4. Application for leave should bear the signature of guardians / parent and must be got sanctioned before availing the leave.
5. All students must possess Identity Card, school diary, text books, and stationery, etc. Diary must be brought to school daily.

6. Students must come to school in uniform. They must be clean, neat, tidy and smart looking.
7. Students are advised not be bring money or valuable articles to the school. The school will not be held responsible for any thing lost.
8. Students should not indulge in disruptive activities.
9. Any damage to the school property by the student will have to be repaired by the parent, or guardian.
10. The school reserves the right to take severe action and to even remove the names from the school of the students who are found guilty of misconduct.
11. 75% of attendance of the student is essential for promotion to next higher class.
12. Books, magazines and articles other than required for studies should not be brought to school.
13. There will be no re-examination after any of the terminal on any ground. Parents are requested not to approach the principal for re-examination .
14. Guardians are directed to use the diary as a means of communication with the school by checking the remarks, if any, made by the teacher.
15. A pupil failing continuously twice in a class must discontinue his/her studies in the school.
16. School prayer before and after class is compulsory for all in school.