The school has its own canteen with various fresh items of food for the students and staff. The school also have a modern “Tuck Shop” run by staff members. It caters to the varied tastes of the students. Once the students get inside the school campus they get whatever they need from the school “Tuck Shop”.

School’s Health Clinic

An efficient clinic has been set up in the school under the charge of a Registered Medical Practitioner and a nurse. They take care of medical emergencies of any kind.

Clubs for Students And Teacher

The school has a system of Hobby Clubs which provide ample opportunities to encourage the children and teachers to utilize their creative energies and skills and develop their artistic talents in a particular field. The students are free to choose club of their liking. However, once the selection is made no further change is allowed. The Hobby Clubs are : Science Club, Library Club, Arts & Crafts Club, Dance & Music Club, G.K. Club, Computer Club, Photography Club and Students’ Council, etc.