Audio – Visual & OHP

In the Audio-Visual Room children benefit with extra information, messages, knowledge beyond the class studies and activities through video cassettes and Over Head Projectors (OHP). Some Educational and Informative Cassettes like human body, its organs, systems and their importance give children a lot of extra knowledge which they do not get in class rooms.

Music AND Dance

“Taal” is the elementary thing in music and dance. Children who have good sense of “laya” or rhythm are taken into this. In the vocal taken into this class our main aim is to cultivate an ear for music. We train children to practice the basic notes of music.

Arts & Crafts

Treasures of Arts and Crafts of olden days are found in Museums, Caves and Archaeological Centers. But in present situation “Art” is the Language through which children can express their experience in everyday life, where children can place themselves very boldly, silently and in a confident way without the interference of others.